Photographing Dead Creek State Wildlife Management Area
Addison, Vermont, page 2
Flight shots are a good possibility from the goose viewing area, taken without the telescope at 31mm (152mm 35mm
equivelant focal length) early in the day.
Direct sun from the sunrise occurs a few minutes after official sunrise as the sun has to clear a small mountain to the east.

Once the sun has risen above the horizon in the early morning, flight shots can be a possibility from the goose viewing area. One technique that
I have found useful is to park my vehicle on the fence side of the goose viewing area road in an area where the geese are moving, and stand
behind the vehicle putting the vehicle between the geese on the ground and me. Standing in the open can cause the geese flying near enough to
photograph to flair off when they see a human form. With just my head visible over the top of the vehicle, my human form is less visable, and
looking through the camera viewfinder as the subjects aproach can help even more.

Checking the weather report for the day's prevailing wind can help in selecting a postion as the geese always take off and land facing into the

It is a good idea to bring drinking water as there is no running water at the refuge. Rest room facilities consist of one chemical out house at the
east end of the goose viewing area. There is also a small canopy on raised ground at the center of the goose viewing which offers protection
from rain but limits mobility. Photographing from a vehicle is also possible at the goose viewing area.
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