Most of the pictures on this site can be ordered as prints.

I use, an online photo processor that specializes in making traditional silver halide prints from digital files. Prints are made from full
resolution 2048x1536 files that are stored on the computers. They are currently printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. They are not
ink jet prints. Also note that the photographic prints don't have any writing on the front of the picture.

Prints are available as follows, prints
only, not matted:                                             5" x 7"           $8.75
                                                                   8" x 10"         $12.75   
                                                                 11" x 14"         $16.75

Also available are photographic mouse pads for                   $13.75

All prices are in US Dollars, and don't include shipping.

To order prints or to just look around click the link: